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  Honey Sweetie Acres Regina Bauscher 2710 Spring Hill Road Goshen, OHIO 45122 USA
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Honey Sweetie Acres

Welcome to Honey Sweetie Acres

Our mission is to bring all natural, healthy, sustainable skin care products to those who need them. We believe in skin-nurturing power of goat milk products and the therapeutic use of pure essential oils. With an educational background in chemistry, HCSG advanced certification in soap-making and professional level certification in aromatherapy, we see out and encourage those with skin issues to talk to us. Let us hear from you, let us know how we can help you avoid chemical laden skin care.

Honey Sweetie Acres
Regina Bauscher
2710 Spring Hill Road
Goshen, OHIO 45122 
Phone: 513-456-6090
Cell: 513-313-1110
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